Announcing My Next Book! Event Marketing, 7 Steps to Profitability

Event Marketing

We’ve all been to lunch & learn events…most of them seem to be a waste of time.  Rarely do I meet a reseller who can tell me their actual return on investment on these events. JMF (Joint Marketing Funds) is drying up for many companies simply because resllers have not produced the required results.  Yet, over the past 8 years, marketing events have produced more business than anything else I can point to – when done correctly.

Traditional selling has expensive sales people driving across town, and many times out of town, for a single meeting.  Half the day, and sometimes an entire day spent, just to find out the client is not ready, or is looking at a cheaper option.  There has to be a better way – an there is!

My Latest Book

This year I decided to take the last ten years of marketing event experience and boil it down into one simple ebook.  Clear steps of action, showing my readers exactly how to design an event that works.  The first section begins with a call to re-engineer the old-fashioned Lunch & Learn.  I redefine it, break it down to it’s core elements, and show how to reconstruct it.  Some of the things you’ll find:

  • Who to invite – but more importantly, how to get them there.  This is not theory – I’ll show you exactly how we are getting the right people to an event.  Imagine having your prospects come to you!
  • How to create an offer they can’t refuse.  There is only one thing an economic buyer will buy without consulting their IT department.  I’ll show you what it is and how to build it.
  • What to present.  I see these events with all kinds of presentations and speakers.  There are only a few things that will entice an executive to leave their office mid day…I’ll show you what to present, and how to present it.
  • Marketing – most of the event descriptions out there are boring and ineffective.  That’s because we are taking the wrong approach.  This book shows you how to market an event in a way that will grab the attention of business leaders.
  • I will show you how to guarantee three meetings with an economic buyer – how can one event guarantee three meeting?  Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.
  • The follow up program is where your return on investment really comes in.  If you fail to do one important thing, your event will fail.  I will show you who to call, how to call them, and what steps to take.  More importantly, I’ll share with you a secret that will multiply your business far beyond any event you’ve ever seen.

But wait – there’s more.  I am also planning to conduct an online workshop using this material.  I want every reseller out their to get this.  I know their is a better way to approach the market.  This is my passion – to create something new; to  think outside the box.  My hope is that this book will inspire you to really grow your business this fall.  The book is nearly complete, and since this one is an ebook, I won’t have to wait on printers and proof copies.  Stay tuned…I’ll be announcing release dates shortly!

© 2012, David Stelzl



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