Creating Undeniable Justification

Join Me Sept 26th!

When you engage your prospects, are you “Creating Undeniable Justification”, or pitching your products and features?  If your client truly has a need, it’s not hard – if you are trying to sell them something they really don’t need, it’s hard!  Avoid the latter and focus on the real needs…security technology is the first place I go when considering top needs of the companies around us.  In almost every company I meet, there is an undeniable need – and justification can be created.  However, you can’t just tell them, “You have a need.”

FREE Event Sponsored By Ingram Micro

On Sept 26th, Ingram Micro has asked me to present a special presentation on exactly how to provide Undeniable Justification by showing you how you can change your assessment process to address business decision makers and their needs.  The more I work with resellers the more convinced I am that the security business is central to success in network projects, server/storage projects, and especially managed services.  But it can’t look like most of the assessments I am seeing.  In this session I will show you exactly what to do…plan to join me for this 60 minute presentation.  Sign up here:


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