What Happens When Malware Isn’t Working?

The thieves go back to social engineering….if you work with financial institutions or small business owners you should be up to date on some of the recent social engineering attacks made against financial planners.  You can read more details in the recent USAToday article – Cybercrooks fool financial advisers to steal from clients.

Sound Bites:

1. Criminals are using e-mail to con financial advisers into wiring cash out of their clients’ online investment accounts – this money is then  transferred to an account controlled by the crook.

2. The victims are found and profiled using social media.  Since “investors now routinely rely on e-mail to authorize personal advisers to execute financial transactions”, this scam is pretty easy to pull off – many of your clients still don’t believe email is insecure.

3. “Instead of managing layers of malicious software, all the bad guys need is e-mail and phone skills.”

4. “This new scam is the latest strain of a long-running crime wave that preys mainly on small and midsize organizations.”

What to do with this information:

This kind of information makes for a great briefing – providing helpful, current security information to small business owners is just one more reason to talk.  You might also be planning an event in the fall (you should start, if you were not planning to), this would be one more reason to have them attend.  To learn this and more about how to keep their data and personal assets safe.




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