Security Trends You Should Know About: Gauss Update

Cybercrime Update


Are you up to date on cybercrime trends?  Security continues to move…last year Anonymous dominated the Wall Street Journal security news,…this year there are some important technologies to be following: Stuxnet, Flame, and more recently, Gauss.


If you are selling security technology, you should know what Stuxnet is…Here is a great article providing an overview of this unique approach to cyber-warfare.  Stuxnet has been around for a couple of years now, but I find that few people recognize the name.


The Flame virus has been likened to Stuxnet, but indications are this is a more complex malware that is also capable of taking over mechanical systems and creating havoc.  There’s a short description here to get your started.


The Gauss virus is a new discovery and located mostly in the middle east at this point.  Kaspersky has published some statistical data on this worm showing where it is attacking…”Kaspersky said that by July 31, 2012, it had counted 2,500 unique PCs as being infected by Gauss since May, and traced 1,600 of those infections to PCs in Lebanon. The next most-infected countries were Israel (483 PCs infected), the Palestinian Territory (261), the United States (43), the United Arab Emirates (11), and Germany (5).”

This malware seems to have targeted bank customers, but also has a connection to the Stuxnet program.  Check out all three of these as the news is building. Even though your clients may not be affected at this point, all three represent a significant change in technology advancements being made in the cybercrime world.
Two articles to get you started:

7 Key Facts

Unable to Crack Computer Virus

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