Get Smarter

Friday I will be hosting a seminar with about 200 young entrepreneurs in Charlotte, NC. What’s the objective?  To get out of the box.  Most of us are in the high-tech business and have enjoyed high growth, strong sales, and a reasonably stable ride compared to other lines of business.  However, the economy is certainly changing and getting ahead is becoming more difficult.  The reseller business has really changed over the past decade, and while some are flourishing, others are not.  In a recent article published by MSN Money, What No One’s Telling US Workers, Rick Newman writes,

“Instead of arguing over the abstract causes of income inequality or hoping for miracles from Washington, national leaders ought to be sending this message to America’s workers: Get smarter. Work harder. Go where the opportunity is. Prosperity isn’t going to trickle down from the wealthy, or arrive in the form of a government check. The only person looking out for you is you.”

This simply means:

  • Read the right books
  • Study and equip yourself in the areas that promise the most growth
  • Move from vending to advising
  • Get the right kind of training, on a regular basis and stay ahead
  • Invest in business coaching (this really works) – do whatever you need to do to become the best
  • Work hard – use your time wisely

NOTE: My Making Money w/ Security (and Managed Services) online workshop is now full – but there is a waiting list and I may have 1 or 2 seats come available.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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