Every Customer Has A Story

There’s a powerful video put out by Chick-Fil-A called “Every Customer Has  A Story.”  When Chick-Fil-A opens a new store, people gather hours before the grand opening just to be one of the first in.  It’s just fast food, but their company stands out among fast food establishments whether you like their food or not.  Their people go through more training, and the franchise owners, more scrutiny, to make sure the brand name is preserved.

I like this video because it focuses on meeting needs…there are 4 basic needs that most of your clients have some struggle with (at least one of them):


While your solutions must be in line with the four things buyers buy (a topic well covered in my From Vendor to Adviser book), understand that behind every transaction are people working through all kinds of personal stresses is helpful. To neglect this side of the sale is a mistake. How can you become more in tune with the needs of the people you serve? When it comes down to choosing a trusted adviser, caring about the individual you sell to just might be the value differentiator.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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