Destroying Your Company

This week I am attending the annual Nashville homeschooler’s conference…while here, I also have on my list to complete my preparations for next week’s Xchange event in Charlotte – Unlocking the Secrets of High Priced Consultants. The point of my talk centers on building the kind of team that does more than sell products; they work alongside the asset owners of a company.  This of course requires that VARs have the right kind of people on their teams…

In last night’s sessions, one of the speakers gave an amazing talk on resolving anger – this also came up in last week’s business conference…apparently the number one issue in personnel problems is angry employees.  Managers and Sales people (and I guess anyone) bringing anger problems to the office from home, or having them develop at work, can kill an organization.  The speaker gave many great illustrations as to how this pushes people to seek revenge, and will actually drive people in your office to make decisions that can ultimately destroy customer relationships, disrupt projects, and undermine the entire organization.  In other words, anger takes control of this person’s life to the point that they no longer care who knows or what destruction occurs. Their total focus is overtaken by irrational behavior…don’t let this thing get in the way of success…let if go and move on.

2012 2012, David Stelzl


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