The Roof Top Experience

When I have a great sales experience I take note!  How often does a sales person do a great job calling on you?  We’re all selling, learning how to sell better, etc.  But sometimes its fun to be sold to, just to see how others are doing as they do what we do…today was one of those days.

This morning, a rep from Paragon Construction came by to look at my roof…I have several companies coming by to review the project and deliver a quote, but he’s the first one in the process.  It was a great experience – a few points on my experience are worth noting:

1. It turns out that Chris Nguyen is not only selling, but he is one of the owners.  The thing that impressed me here was his passion for the business.  He didn’t show up with his “President” title – in fact, he doesn’t have a title on his card.  Only after he demonstrated a high level of expertise and customer care did I care who he was.

2. He took at call from his wife while here – this may seem unrelated, but his attitude towards his family was exceptional.  That tells me he isn’t just putting on a show to make a good impression – there’s some character in there.

3. His approach was completely educational.  No pressure to “act now” and no marketing manipulation tactics.  He spent his time collecting relevant data, educating me on what matters most, and giving me some recommendations on what to do about it.

4. By the time he was done, we had become friends.  My wife will tell you – I have a high degree of sales resistance.  I don’t cozy up to the sales person who pushes a friendship to get the business.

5. At some point his passion for his business was evident.  This wasn’t a sales gimmick, but rather a chance to share his vision with a potential customer.  In this end, people buy into your passion and excitement long before they buy into your product.  In a commodity business, which he is in, there are few points of differentiation.  In my opinion, Chris provided them.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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