Real Chicago Pizza

After the four month diet, a 25 lb weight loss, and no pizza during that time, I was excited to be able to dive into a Gino’s East pizza – my first official stop on this trip to Chicago. Not that I am going right back to my old habits of eating junk food, but an occasional pizza gives me something to look forward to after many salads, no sweeteners, no gluten, and nothing that has preservatives, dairy or cheese in it. In other words, my four months consisted mostly of salad, veggies, all-natural chicken and beef, and rice – and lots of water.  The great news is, my  triglyceride count went from 500 to a little over 200 in the first 2 weeks of the diet – without any medications.  I’ll have the new numbers within a week, which will include my cholesterol numbers as well.  I expect some pretty good readings.

All of that aside, you haven’t had Chicago pizza if you haven’t been to Chicago.  Having traveled all over the world, I have yet to find a city that has a real Chicago style pizza.  Knoxville has a pizza place advertising it, but it’s not real (I think it’s called Stephens).  Then there’s the Chicago pizza chain, which is also a far cry from the real thing.  Charlotte, my home town, has just recently made it to authentic NY style pizza with Tony’s.  I expect it will be a while before we have Chicago pizza.

Now that I’ve had my pizza fix, it’s time to go to work…

© 2012, David Stelzl


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