Lessons from a Recent Webinar – HP and What Not to Do.

About a month ago I presented via Webex – an Ingram Micro sponsored session on how to sell security and other risk related projects. The content was focused on the security sale, but the truth is, Risk Mitigation is a powerful motivator to buy.  I offered people a free copy of my House & Cloud book (in PDF format).  Today I received an email from one attendee who is reading The House & the Cloud as a result, and has also picked up my new book, From Vendor to Adviser.  I was encouraged to read, “This is totally transforming my business.”  In the email, he attached an article on HP, a company who has failed to apply the concepts I bring out in both of these books.  Here’s the article – it’s worth reading if you aim to stay in business.

“For a decade now the company has sometimes seemed more like a tawdry reality show than one of the world’s great enterprises.”  Check the link for more on this…

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2 thoughts on “Lessons from a Recent Webinar – HP and What Not to Do.

  1. Yes, Dave, I read the article and as a former IBM employee, current IBM stockholder and Business Partner, I find their annual report fascinating. Many say that HP makes money selling ink. Well, IBM makes 7% of their profit from selling hardware. The balance comes from software and services. They ask their business partners to sell hardware. I noticed that HP’s new focus is R&D and innovation. A little late for that, I think.

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