Ingram Micro Advanced Technology Webinar – Speaker David Stelzl

Did you attend the Ingram Micro Advanced Technology Webinar on Accelerating Security Sales using The House & the Cloud?  We had nearly 300 registered for this event yesterday…if you missed it, or if you didn’t know about it, Ingram Micro did record the session and has made it available online.  Here’s the link for the playback:


Don’t forget, you can also request a FREE copy of the House & the Cloud Book here…(CLICK), and there is also a live audio program available on how to sell using the House & the Cloud sales model (CLICK and scroll down to the MP3 on Executive Selling).

In this session we covered several important topics including:

  • Problems with the current approach resellers are taking to both sales and marketing.
  • The problem with most assessments – which leave the sales person with little hope to sell follow-on project and managed services business.
  • The problem with most sales presentations – leading to boring company overviews that drive your audience to their Blackberries and iPhones rather than listening to you.

From there we moved into several concepts that build a strategy that will lead you up the ladder, into your decision makers office.  We talked about how to get to the right people and what to do when you get there.  In the end, there must be solid justification.  Listen in and see what I am talking about.  Thanks for listening!


© 2012, David Stelzl



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