Making Money w/ Security Sales Training Day 3…

P2P Peril Link Updated

First, I continue to reference this article – P2P Peril, in my workshops. This article was written back in 2008, but is still highly relevant, providing some great catalyst for selling security when it comes to employees that work from home…I just updated the link on my blog – here’s the post I wrote: (with the link to the article)

The House & the Cloud

Yesterday we spent time discussing the House & the Cloud model (in our virtual sales class) – a model I use to gain access to the right people with the right message…you can request a free copy of this book in PDF format on the right-hand sidebar of this blog…While the book is not brand new, it does contain information that I continue to use in my executive facing educational events.  Every person trying to sell security solutions should read this book – it’s free, so check it out.

Assessments that Sell

Today we are covering assessments – this seems to be the biggest hurdle as sales and technical people try to figure out what an assessment is for, and how it should be conducted.  Who does it?  Who should be involved from the client side?  How much detail? The list goes on…the bottom line is, if the report finds urgent issues (which it should), and the client does not take action, the project team has done the client a disservice.  I say that because the assessment should be performed with remediation in mind – if the client does nothing with an urgent issue, it’s usually because those liable for the company data were not involved, or that the project team failed to communicate the urgency to the right people in a way that compelled them to take action.  There is simply no reason to charge money for a 50 page document that does not lead to action.  So today we’ll be covering:

  • How to sell the assessment
  • How it should be conducted – from the selling perspective
  • How the results should be delivered

In order to accomplish this we will also need to cover the process of getting to the right people and asking the right questions.  Take some time to evaluate your own assessment and discovery process.  Do you have Asset Owners involved?  Are your findings leading to remediation efforts?  Does this eventually turn into managed services business?  If not, you may be approaching this incorrectly.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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