Speaking to Business Owners in South Dakota; An Educational Security Event

Note: Here’s my Hertz rental car at the Rapid City Airport – If they had known that I have seven kids, they would have also known that I only know how to drive big vehicles…

It’s a great day in Rapid City, SD – I love this job because I love events like the one we are doing today.  Every business owner out there is working hard to build a successful company, and today is no different.  72 of these business owners and leaders are meeting today to gain insights on how to deal with information security as their business grows, and the threats increase.  As they focus on their customers and offerings, someone has to sort out the technology, and figure out how to maintain it – keeping it secure, up, and running smoothly.

A local solution provider in town is sponsoring this event – we’ve been preparing for this over the past few weeks, looking at who should attend, who will benefit, and how to best address the issues businesses are facing.  The exciting thing is, we have answers.  We have an understanding of what these companies are facing, and we’ve put together a plan to address it.  We have a way to show them the problem, a way to measure the effects it is having on their businesses, and a way to bring managed remediation to any issues that may exist.  It’s simple to do, compelling, and valuable to both the sponsor and the attendee.

This is what we do – the technology business is not about selling the next widget, or even maximizing profits – it’s about the people you are serving through it; in this case, small and medium business owners and managers. The profit is a measure of your success in carrying out the mission.  At the end of the day it’s a win/win proposition.

© 2012, David Stelzl




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