Are you Looking to Grow Profits in 2012?

I just finished an exciting coaching session with the CEO of a large integrator in the US – exciting because his business is multiplying!  Isn’t that what every integrator/solution provider is looking for?  What’s the secret?  No secret really – he just happens to be working hard in a space where there is significant growth; and the 2012 outlook looks just as strong as 2011 did.  If you haven’t guessed it, he has a strong focus in the security market.

Read the Wall Street Journal and you will see a constant stream of articles focusing on trends and events in cyber crime and related security issues.  You won’t see articles on VOIP, storage, server technology, or mainframes.  Expect Apple to continue their growth, along with Google and other mainline brands such as Dell, but these won’t offer the same opportunity to the reseller.  Only the security space offers this kind of potential.

In fact, my online security sales training class has really benefited from this.  If you haven’t attended on of these, you should.  We had strong attendance numbers in November, January, and February, and now, April’s class is 50% full.  This supports another trend which is online collaboration using video and Webex like tools.  While these tools may not offer all of the benefits of live sessions, there is a tremendous advantage in not having to travel for short internal meetings, yet still having a face to face conversation.  I have found myself using Skype and Webex as I coach people all over the world.  I even have an executive coaching relationship with the president of an up and coming software firm in India.  The time zones cause some scheduling challenges, but nothing we can’t overcome.

Join us in April – more details here:

I guarantee this class will change the course of your 2012 profit plan.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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