The One Day Sales Cycle

I just got off the phone with an excited client – owner of a solution provider company in the north.  He called just to tell me about his one day sales cycle – about a month ago his team did an event, targeting asset owners, focused on assets, revolving around risk and security trends and threats;  the sames stuff I have been writing about since I started this blog.  Yesterday, he and his sales rep went in to meet a business owner who attended the event.  They have never met with this business owner – he is pretty much a cold prospect, except that he did attend the event.

The Aftermath

1. They discovered in their meeting that his company is required to meet PCI compliance regulations – however, following my training workshop guidelines, they asked anyway; “What are you trying to protect?”  The answer was somewhat surprising – The owner knew his company was out of compliance, and in fact,  is paying a monthly penalty for it; but he doesn’t care.  His real answer led them to the deal.

2. They “focused on the assets” – went through the discovery process I outline in my new book, From Vendor to Adviser, and identified his major areas of risk.

3. They could have done an assessment, but he was ready to buy.  So instead of moving ahead with the assessment, they listened, learned, proposed, and closed, all in the same day.  It took them one hour to go from not knowing anything, save the prospects name, to getting a signature.  This is smart business.

I am looking forward to today’s Making Money with Security Workshop – starts at 1:00 ET.  If you didn’t sign up, there may be a seat or two left:  Check it out at

© 2012, David Stelzl


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