Customer Experience – the New United Airlines

Coming from Charlotte, it’s rare that I fly anything other than USAirways (the only airline based here), but this week I had a chance to experience the new Continental/United airlines.  Several things impressed me….and one disappointment.

  • First, the disappointment.  Any airline that flies commuter jets on a three hour leg, really should consider changing the seats.  Something about these older commuter airlines – I’m not sure who designs these seats, but there ought to be a requirement that the airline try them before buying them.

Now for the upside…United Airlines

  • They actually served a complementary hot meal!
  • More leg room, even in the cheap seats.
  • Having the Gold Star/Elite line (nothing new here) is better than the the USAirways line where everyone crowds into the same line regardless of their zone.
  • Flight attendants were helpful and friendly.
  • In flight entertainment – USAirways ripped all of their stuff out! (There is a charge for this, but at least it’s there)
  • A promise from their CEO to upgrade the seats.

I think companies under estimate the customer experience, especially those companies in the transportation business. When was the last time a train attendant made you feel welcome or treated you like they were honored to have your business.  Buses, airlines, etc.  This is simply a culture these companies have built – they have allowed the people working these customer facing jobs to see this as, just a job, and not an event.  When you pay several hundred dollars for something that lasts a couple of hours, it should be a great experience!  I should want the trip to last longer, and look forward to the next one.  Why not?

© 2012, David Stelzl


4 thoughts on “Customer Experience – the New United Airlines

  1. As a long time UAL customer and elite status flyer I am less than impressed with the “customer service” aspect of the new website and now the phone access…which is impossible.

    1. I have not had to deal with UAL customer service – but for some reason, most Airline customer service programs fail the test. Hotels are getting better, airlines are getting worse. I suspect that is because hotels sit across the street from each other. You really do have a choice here…airlines are another story.

  2. United/continental airlines-i should have been on fb n google before purchasing my ticket,however getting a ticket to fly with this airline has been a great disappointment,a flight scheduled for 7:10pm changed to 11pm and they offer $10 food vouchers each,all of a sudden the flight was changed to 1am and people trying trying to voice their opinions were shut down ill-gotten mannered customer service managers at the desk in which they requested for cops to come over in which the two women that were cops were screaming on harmless people for voicing their opinions.what an airline,my advise their are some good online classes for customer service relations that teaches communication and manners,pls transfer all ur staffs to that class,it will really help or however sell ur planes and buy buses to transport on the road,nothing positive about ur airline,U GUYS ACTUALLY

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