Anonymous – Expect Security Issues to Dominate Headlines

Anonymous strikes again (read the Article)…if you look through news articles on technology in 2012, most likely you will find Apple, Google, and Anonymous dominating headlines…at least on the business side news (e.g. Wall Street Journal).  Of the three, most of us stand to capitalize on security news more than Apple or Google, unless you work for the latter.  Do you have a plan for 2012 that leverages security trends?  You should.  Of all my clients, those specializing in security experienced the greatest bottom line growth.  Areas to consider:

1. Companies that offered managed services with a security slant (Messaging), grew the most.  When I say “Grew”, I mean, profit.  Who cares about top line growth?  Manufacturers and very large resellers who are publicly traded, perhaps, but for the traditional reseller and even small, privately held manufacturer, gross and net are more important.  Managed services, is always a “security” sale (but often not treated as one), and is the key to developing financial stability.

2. Assessments where also a hot topic.  In my latest book, From Vendor to Adviser (which is doing very well since it’s release in late December – buy it here), I discuss the need to move into a more consultative approach using discovery and assessment strategies.  Clients who have made this a core part of their business development strategy are building business faster and more profitably than any other group of clients I serve.

3. Marketing events continue to produce strong results!  Lunch & Learn marketing has been around as long as I can remember,  yet few can tell me how they are benefiting from these expensive and time consuming events – with the exception of those engaged in security.  We continue to get large audiences, executive level attendees, and a very strong sign up (Conversion) rate – averaging 75%!  Still, companies continue to try other things, looking for diversity and point product selling.

Today we kick off the first 2012 Making Money with Security workshop! (You can still sign up – starts at 1:00 PM). I am looking forward to exploring all three in detail.  Those that master security sales, will win in 2012.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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