“Save the Date” Letters

It’s tempting to think that fancy online ads will attract executives to your next marketing event – chances are they will never even be seen. The likelihood of a business owner, CIO, or other decision maker clicking on a link to your next lunch & learn is slim.  Instead, try using a simple Save the Date letter.  Assume you will be calling them, and let them know right up front in your letter, asking them to respond if there is a best time, but to expect your call some time next week.  Avoid the typical insurance advertisement-looking letter claiming to save money, and instead think, business-owner to business-owner.  Even if you’re the sales person, the letter should be from your company president, inviting their executive-level asset owner to something of business value.  I recommend a format that looks something like this:

  • Greeting – targeting either existing clients or prospects.  Create two versions of your letter in order to create a more personable feel to the letter.
  • News-worthy trends you are meeting to address.  No product spin here, just something informative.  If you are calling executives to a meeting, you will need a topic worth leaving the office to hear about.  I recommend news briefings, and in particular, like the security news best.
  • Meeting format – let them know you are calling this meeting over lunch, to review major issues and provide community business leaders with information they can use to improve or safeguard their business.  Remember, people respond to urgent risk before operational efficiency.
  • Name dropping – perhaps the most important part of this letter is that part that lets them know they will be among peers, not wedged in between two technical geeks arguing about the best web coding language.

End by letting them know you want them there and plan to call them to review any details and gain their commitment to attend.   Make sure you call as promised.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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