Cheesy HTML Ads

The first thing I do in the morning is delete the email that looks like spam.  Then I go back and read the things that require action.  Inadvertently, I end up deleting things that are actually not spam, in the same way I have tossed valid mail, including bills, into the trash while sorting through mountains of garbage that land in my mail box each day.  If it looks like trash, it gets treated like trash – this is the only way to keep up.  The next time you plan an event, or are looking for a response from someone of importance, remember, their mailbox is full of people lobbying for their attention.  Make sure you have something that stands out – not in a colorful marketing way, but as something that looks important.  Some of the things I don’t throw in the trash include wedding invitations, overnight delivery packages, and bills (hopefully).   Note, I am far more excited about opening the wedding invite than a bill, so lean this direction when sending something you want opened.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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