From Vendor to Adviser Webinar Follow Up

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A couple of key points from today’s webinar:

1. The discovery process deserves some re-engineering.  It is by far the greatest accelerator you have once in the account, and is the thing that will take your team from being a vendor, to being seen as a strategic adviser.  Don’t miss this point – don’t assume your consultants are fine doing what they do.  Make this part of your company great, and you will beat the competition.

2. Every executive relies on advisers – in areas of legal advice, health, financial, and perhaps marriage, spiritual, and who knows.  Who is advising them on the the proper use of technology?  It could be you…but do you command the same respect they give to their investment advisers?  You should…

3. The discovery deliverable is your ticket to “really big” business!  Make sure it is great…spend some time on this.  Don’t just write it, get advice on it, hire a writer if you have to – but pull together a sample that clients can’t refuse – then equip every sales person with a copy and teach them what to do with it!

If you missed this session, let me know and I will tell you how you can get a copy of the recording…

© 2011, David Stelzl


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