From Vendor to Adviser – Finally


Brand New!

Now Available: From Vendor to Adviser (PreOrder for just 13.95)

The proof is in my hands – and you can now reserve a copy of From Vendor to Adviser at a discounted price of $13.95 through my online store: (normally $16.95).  I’ve been working on this book for almost a year, and I think you’ll find it answers a lot of questions about how to grow your business.  I discuss pricing, proposals, presentations, discovery and assessment, and a whole lot more – everything in this book is specific to selling technology!  Not too many books are that specific, but I believe our industry is unique and requires some special insight when dealing with IT people, commoditizing technology, resellers that depend on services business and who are building managed services practices, etc.  There’s a lot to consider in these sales…so whether you sell for a giant reseller, specialize in a certain area such as data center, security, collaboration, or some application area, or are working directly for the manufacturer in a direct or channel role, this book hits the mark.  Check it out…I look forward to your feedback once you read it.

© 2011, David Stelzl


2 thoughts on “From Vendor to Adviser – Finally

  1. Good evening David,

    Your book, “From Vendor to Adviser”, was offered to me by our Sales Manager who reports to our President at Meridian IT. I am very interested in reading it. Growing accustomed to reading on an iPad, I have become a much more proficient reader and am able to read in bed without distracting my wife with the use of incandescent light. Do you offer your book in an electronic version? If so, how can I obtain it? I will be happy to trade my soft cover copy for it.


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