Making Money w/ Security – Day 2; Building a Message that Works

We completed Day 2 of our online workshop Friday, with a strong focus on building a message that works, and taking it to market through five different methods.  The strongest of the five continues to be event marketing, but not without a clear understanding of what makes it work.  I received an email this morning from a long time friend and client stating the following, “Your stuff works!”  He went on to say, by using an event over the summer, he was able to connect with two very promising clients, which both agreed to conduct assessments.  After an initial look at their business, he was able to up-sell them on a more thorough, fee-based assessment, from which he identified several profitable projects, which then led to managed contracts.  This is the way it works…

© 2011, David Stelzl


2 thoughts on “Making Money w/ Security – Day 2; Building a Message that Works

    1. Timothy – I will likely do another Making Money with Security WS online in January. Look for update here on my blog, and be sure to request a copy of the House & the Cloud, a free PDF book on the right-hand sidebar. Also, please join us for an upcoming free webinar from my latest book, From Vendor to Adviser: Sign up here – – but do it soon, there are only a few seats left.

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