Great Marketing Depends on Urgency!

If it’s urgent, it sells now.  Medical emergencies don’t allow people to shop for the best price, the person in need just does it.  That’s why I like using security as a wedge product or door opener.  It demands attention when we can find something urgent; it might be a compelling event or an impending audit, or it might be something we discover through an assessment.  I’ll be giving much more on this tomorrow in my Demand Generation Webinar – which is free, but also completely filled up and has a waiting list.  But get on the list just in case (Click Here).  I want everyone of my readers to know how to do this!

But Security and medicine are the not the only ways to create urgency.  Having a limited supply, a limited amount of a certain type of resource, or having one of the only offerings in a certain niche, with limited capacity does the same thing.  A special offer with a limited time to buy does this for retail. An assessment that reveals large amounts of money being wasted – with a recommendation that will cut TCO by 50% certainly demands the CFOs attention.

Do you have urgent offerings?  If not, you need to create some.  Using your discovery process, risk analysis, a study of some type, or by creating something unique with limited availability – start thinking about how you can do this.  Without it, you leave money on the table every time.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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