Funding Demand Generation / Marketing Events

My son's first Dentist Appt.

My new book goes into great detail on this subject, as well as the upcoming webinar on Oct 14 – which is filling up fast: (CLICK) to sign up.

One issue I bring up is the availability of funding – how many times have you been told, “We don’t have any money”, or “Our company doesn’t provide JMF”?

One of my clients received both of these responses…made a call, followed some of the guidelines I give in my book, and a few minutes later received $4000 in sponsorship!  How did that happen?

A few tips on acquiring funding…

1. It helps to have a track record.  Don’t engage in marketing events that don’t really produce anything.  Funding sources don’t want to hear things like, “This is just a customer appreciation event.”  Track your results as you go along so that you can use them to sell future potential sponsors on supporting you.

2. Schedule the event – then invite the sponsors to join you.  It’s easier to get money when people see you taking off – rather than sitting around looking for handouts.  If you have momentum, people will want to join you.

3. Work for those that sponsor you…help them make their numbers.  Leverage this with future sponsors.  If your partners don’t support you there is no reason to stay with them.  There are many great solutions out there…don’t stand by those who don’t stand by you.

4. Have a plan.  Show your potential sponsor how you plan to sell their product.  In our case we have close to 40 decision makers lined up for this week’s event.  Our reports show that we should close about 30 of these attendees on conducting a discovery process, and from there, more than half should turn into some type of business.  No one can turn this kind of results away…
Join me on Oct 14 to find out how we did, and how we did it….(CLICK)

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