Mack Hanan (October 1, 1925 – November 26, 2010) – Sorry to see him go

My personal copy!

I was shocked this morning as I reviewed last nights blog traffic on my site – one of the searches read, “Mack Hanan’s Obituary!  Almost a year after his death, and I am just now catching up….however, even if I am 11 months behind, it’s important to remember him for his contribution to our industry….

Mack, author of the well known book, Consultative Selling was an icon in the sales world, having written about ROI, value selling, and consultative selling long before his contemporaries – back in 1072 he published this book, and it remains in print today, having been updated at least 7 times, an 8th now in process.

I was fortunate enough to quote Mack in a workshop I conducted several years ago in New York, to which one of my attendees, Tom from Cisco Systems replied, “Do you know Mack?”  Only by his writings I replied.  I was then invited to join Tom for dinner along with Mack that evening!  We dined on the upper east side at Vagabondo, a unique restaurant featuring its own bocce ball court!  Mac was more than willing to share his insights on selling, review my materials, and provided excellent insights into what I was working on.  In the end he greatly encouraged me to pursue my work with enthusiasm.  If that wasn’t enough, Mack insisted on paying, asking me to keep in touch.

Mack was always responsive if I emailed him; he was dedicated to helping others and bringing new ideas to the sales community.  Even at 85 he continued to produce new ideas and updates to his initial concepts on consultative selling.  We’ll miss him!  Take this opportunity to pick up Mack’s book and read it, remembering the contribution he has made to our industry.

© 2011, David Stelzl


2 thoughts on “Mack Hanan (October 1, 1925 – November 26, 2010) – Sorry to see him go

  1. Hey David, just came across your article on Mack Hanan. I’m filled with such admiration for Mack and sadness he is no longer with us. Mack was an incredible individual and one that made the most positive impression on everyone who met him. Mack was unique in his thought leadership and incredibly giving in his field. Mack was one of a kind! I had the great fortune of meeting Mack Hanan very early in my career working for a high tech Fortune 100 and participating in his “Competing on Value” PIP training as the only sales women on a team calling on the Xerox account. Following I sought Mack out and we too enjoyed his favorite restaurant NY Italian Il Vagabondo – where he was so well known! Over delicious food is where I learned so much from Mack and in many phone conversations. Mack was a treasure and we are all the richer for having known him!

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