From Vendor to Adviser Book Update

Actual picture of my book in process

Several have asked about the new book, From Vendor to Adviser…so here’s a quick update…

First, here’s a picture of the book in process.  If you see any errors on the screen, let me know…

The good news is, I’ve completed the first draft.  I am now running through it to make some minor changes, update a few things, and adding a some new ideas to make it more practical. For instance, I’ve added case studies to present a better picture of how some of the concepts and recommendations have been implemented by various clients.

By this weekend, I’ll be shipping 13 chapters (the entire manuscript) to my highly competent editor to comb through it.  We’ll spend the month making grammatical corrections and adding some structure.  At the same time, I will be adding a few pictures and have my cover designer go to work to get artwork and some quotes for the back cover done.

Then, with fingers crossed, and a lot of help from those who support me in this type of effort, we should have a final product by end of month – September that is.  And at that point, we’ll have a listing on Amazon as well as my website at

The hardest part of this whole thing is making sure the content is usable.  I have lots of ideas, but the challenge is always in keeping the descriptions brief, while providing enough information to actually allow you, the reader, to use what I’ve written.  That is my goal for September – to produce a book that provides concrete ideas that will allow you to truly transform your business approach.  Stay tuned…it will be out shortly.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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