No More Cold Calling!

People don’t call you back?  That’s because there are too many telemarketers with bad scripts beating you to the punch.  Instead, try creating great content…when people receive great content, or see it on a blog, they subscribe.  Rather than pounding phones, I’d rather be sifting through new subscribers.  Start writing, speaking, tweeting, etc.  But before you do, consider what content will really appeal to your audience.  People want ideas – they want solutions to today’s problems.  Rather than ranting about technology issues – think about the struggles your clients face every day.  People would rather follow innovators than frustrated sales people.

© 2011, David Stelzl


2 thoughts on “No More Cold Calling!

    1. Great question – yes and no. In most cold calling scenarios, the seller is looking for someone who has a need and is looking to buy. Educational marketing focuses on people who don’t know they have a need – social media is the perfect platform. From here, I recommend looking at event marketing…which requires some calling. But the calls are targeting getting that person to an event – either online or in person. It’s the next step in the progression. So, collect names through social media so they know who you are, set up some sort of event, and give them a call…from there, move to your product/solution sales process. Check out other posts under Demand Generation for more on this and converting prospects to clients. Also check out my new book – From Vendor to Adviser for step by step advice on this (It is just a few weeks from publishing and will be on my site store within a couple of days –

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