Anonymous News; trends we should be watching

Anonymous – just in the past few days these events have either happened or been announced as threats.  As I prepare to speak at a luncheon for technology managers in the Northeast this week, it is clear that the trends are changing – information theft is still a huge problem, however, Anonymous clearly dominates the cybercrime headlines with their hacktivist agenda.  As you work with your clients, “briefings” on what actions companies should be taking, should be forefront in your mind.  Especially if you call on larger accounts, it makes sense to educate business leaders on the trends we are seeing here, the types of activities that might be targeted by such a group, and what defense systems must be deployed to counter such an attack.  It’s clear that putting up a firewall doesn’t work.

1. Facebook threat – Nov 5th…we’ll see what happens! – protest over privacy concerns.

2. Fullerton Polica (California) – announced attack over homeless man’s death

3. Bart (San Francisco) train system…shut down due to protest

4. Operation Britain – scheduled for Oct 5 in response to Governments “Iron fist”

5. Syrian Ministry Of Defense Website Hacked By ‘Anonymous’ for brutality

6. 7.4 GB file with emails and personal information from 56 different law enforcement agencies


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