Remembering Elisabeth Diana

Photo Taken By Hannah Stelzl

It’s been fifteen years since our little girl, Elisabeth, went to be with the Lord. She had anencephaly which usually means the baby will go full term but will die during the birth process or will live for just moments or hours after birth before her life is gone. In Elisabeth’s case, she made it until just before her birth.

While off topic for most of my blog posts, this is an important occasion for our family as the 4th is Elisabeth’s birthday – every year we make a trip out to her grave site to remind our children that she is one of our children and while this was a very difficult experience for us, we believe it to be ordained by God.

How does one recover from this kind of thing?  I don’t know that there is an easy answer.  I will never forget the day I got word that this was to be.  I was on a business  trip on the west coast, my wife in the doctor’s office on the east coast.  I am grateful that we learned about this condition early on…since that time my wife has had many opportunities to support others who are experiencing this kind of trial in their lives; this was a significant part of the healing process.  She has spoken to woman’s groups on going through hardships and experiencing loss, and has counseled with woman one on one.  It was during this time that I saw just how strong my wife really is – and I am grateful for her.   You can read my wife’s inspirational  comments on our family website (Click)

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