David Stelzl – Tips on Demand Generation Attendance

Where’s’ the ROI for Lunch & Learns?  The biggest problem is getting the right people there, closely followed by effective follow up.  I recently worked with one client as he was preparing to host such an event. The challenge here – there were three solution providers involved, not just one.  The others made some calls I guess, but we worked out a script that focused on business leaders and the threats that target their most critical assets.  We positioned this, not as a lunch & learn, but rather a briefing – an urgent briefing for business leaders in the community.  A forum to get influential leaders in a room to review the situation.  My client made the calls personally, using this messaging – the results speak for themselves…

  • 70 some people signed up
  • 58 of them signed up because of my client’s calls – the other solution providers jointly contributed about 25!
  • 47 of the 70 signed up through my client’s efforts, and 43 of his invites actually showed up. In other words, 43 out of 58 came for the business leader meeting…
  • My client was prepared to work the room.  He made contact with everyone there (while his competitors sat as spectators)…his next step is to take a follow up message, which we have already prepared, out to their offices.  His competitors are probably trying to figure out what to do next – he’s on the phone right now, just one day after the event, setting up qualified meetings with decision makers.

The ROI comes in understanding how to make a meeting like this work.  I just got off the phone with a major manufacturer who has often contributed to these types of events.  His comment…He doesn’t see the ROI.  It’s hard to track results from these types of events. He’s right, but the problem isn’t the event…it’s a misunderstanding of how to make the event work…learn this and you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

© 2011, David Stelzl



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