Closing the Sale Requires a Demonstration of Strong Value and Justification at the Buyer Level

What Every Executive Needs

Every sales person must have in the forefront of their mind the impact / likelihood graph.  This is the final outcome of every discovery process.  What is the impact, and what is the likelihood of achieving gains or guarding against high-impact loss?  If you can show this in a compelling way, the chances of success go way up.

What Every Solution Provider Needs

Whether you consult, sell for a manufacturer, or resell products along with value-add services, every provider needs a strong value proposition that will precede the commodity product sale.  Once the product is in view, the value is gone.  Everything you know about the product is on Google, so demonstrate your value long before you get there.  This is done through the discovery process where value is shown in an advisory fashion.  The one who successfully demonstrates impact and likelihood wins.  Every executive needs an adviser.  In fact, they need many advisers.  You must be one of them to stay in the game.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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