Back from Nashville TN – Building An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Photo Taken By Hannah Stelzl

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We’re back from a week in Nashville – all 9 of us attended this years Nashville Home school conference where I presented two sessions, one on building an entrepreneurial mindset and a second on starting businesses (topics I also recently presented at a Dallas Texas Home School Conference)…Some highlights from my time in TN:

1. I had an enlightening conversation with a family from China.  The father’s perspectives on innovation, the US economy, and future business developments in China were very interesting and insightful.

2. I also spoke with another person responsible for the development of China’s junior achievement program and instrumental in introducing Peter Senge, author of the Fifth Discipline, to many businesses in his country.

3. One session I attended provided excellent steps on avoiding procrastination – something everyone needs to take to heart if they want their business to grow.

4. Another session focused on building systems.  He talked about the importance of systematizing every aspect of our business and building disciplines around productivity, finances, and even interpersonal relationships.

5. Finally, I enjoyed visiting the pool each night with my children – along with many other families attending the conference.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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