Mumbai – Day 5; Mastering Board Room Presentations

Make sure you check out Mumbai traffic while you are here…unfortunately there is no way to capture the terror of driving over here on film, but more often than not, these trucks and cars are just an inch or two from my car.  In fact, my driver did actually run into a taxi on this trip.  They just waved to each other and we continued on our way.  I was glad it was no the cement mixer pictured in the video!

Yesterday we wrapped up our final day of training – working on presentations.  By having one of the class attendees present their normal product pitch, we were able to draw a stark contrast between it and educational marketing approaches.  Using the stories, house & cloud presentation (described in the book available on the right-hand side bar of this blog), and our new executive level presentation, each attendee spent the day working on platform skills, presentation style, and perfecting their delivery to build confidence when presenting to higher level clients.

One important point here.  Most great speakers I know can point back to their beginnings and will admit that their early presentations were not good.  They practiced, recorded themselves, received feedback, and practiced more, until they were great.  Sales people should do the same.  You only get one shot with a high-level execute, so make sure you’re message and presentation is great before you get there.  There just isn’t any excuse not to.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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