Mumbai – Day 2; Pizza in Mumbai

Photo taken by David Stelzl

On my last trip to India I sampled pizza in Bangalore; now for Mumbai at the JW Marriott…

This pizza gets two thumbs up!  I didn’t measure, but it covers an entire large dinner plate.  As far as the New York Pizza standard goes, this pizza measures up far better than many hotel pizzas – it has a thin crust kind of like Brooklyn Pizza, although the crust texture is a bit softer.  You can definitely fold this pizza to eat it (like you would in NY).

The cheese mixture is authentic!  No cheddar on this pizza… the pepperoni is a bit spicy (but not as greasy as a  real NY pizza), and the sauce has a touch of sweetness to it – but very good.

The only thing that didn’t stand up – it seems that the cheese was not grated like it would be in NY, so the cheese texture is different.  On the crust, under the pizza in NY you would find the texture to be wet – even a bit slippery.  This pizza was not like that – so it’s not completely NY.    Would I have it again – absolutely.  In fact there are nine different pizzas listed on the room service menu…a better selection than I find most places.

Of course I topped off my meal with a bowl of ice cream which you will find in my picasa album…(CLICK)


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