Play Back: Effective Demand Generation Events Webinar

By David Stelzl

Here is the Playback link from a webinar I presented yesterday on Effective Demand Generation (CLICK)!  (Sponsored by Cisco Systems)

A few highlights:

1. We started out reviewing key marketing concepts. The fact is, old school marketing doesn’t work and CIOs are tired of the same old lines every sales person uses when following traditional sales training methodologies.

2. Events are one of three key platforms for marketing.  I mention all three, but then dive deep into 7 principles of effective demand generation marketing events.

3. I gave sample topics that work along with recommendations on types of speakers you should be considering for this type of event.

4. We discussed who needs to be there and how to get them there.

5. I detailed the follow up process which actually starts at the event and continues as reps go out, not only following up on those who attended, but leveraging that same event to access hundreds or thousands of additional qualified buyers.

The link does require you to register with Cisco, but I’d encourage you to do so – this information is an essential part of growing your business over the next 12 months.  Let me know how its working and how I can help.

© 2011, David Stelzl


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