Remember the Four Things

As a follow up to the webinar last week, remember the 4 things in every sale – which one are you selling?  If it’s not one of these, price is your only advantage!

This isn’t the first time channel partners have faced financial struggles, but like always, a change is needed if you want good messaging.  A change in the message and a change in the solution strategy.  Marketing, Sales and Delivery are all involved.

As I’ve worked in and with both vendors and VARS, I’ve observed customers buying four things.  Just four things, in almost every case.  Perhaps a fifth in the consumer market.  They’re not products, and they’re not services.  They all impact business.

•              ROI (return on investment)

•              Operational Efficiency

•              Competitive advantage

•              Risk mitigation

If you were selling to consumers you might add a fifth  – experience. (Such as a special vacation or the thrill of skydiving).

Check your message today and ask – what am I really giving my client here!

© 2011, David Stelzl


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