The problem with most corporate presentations…

Another great Value Proposition workshop today in NYC – hot topic today was making corporate presentations stick!  Top issues I see with resellers all over the world:

1. Marketing departments pump out Power Points with no understanding of the client’s needs or wants.

2. One size fits all: Execs should not have to sit through the same presentation as IT.

3. Power Point and Word are two different applications.  With 50 words to a slide your client can either listen to you or read your slide – or you can read the entire slide to the client.  None are good options.

4. Presentations are all about you – prospects don’t care about your company until after you’ve given them something interesting to buy.  Save the stats for another time….(20 years in the business…so what?).

5. Overview of your company sounds like a technology Wal*mart, but not with Wal*Mart prices..bad marketing strategy.

6. Too many slides – will an executive tune into 20 or 30 slides?  Even IT is going to lose interest at some point.

7. No call to action. Is this an overview or are you there to move them to do business?

© 2010, Dave Stelzl


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