Vendor to Adviser

This week we have our final teleseminar – Moving from Vendor to Adviser, Friday at 11:30 EST.  There are many things to cover here…

1. People don’t just decide to become “Trusted Advisors” – everyone thinks they are, but only the client knows for sure.  Buyers choose their advisers.

2. Product sales can be made online – with it comes the stripping of all value add.  The VAR is dead…but consultative selling is far from dead.  Do you know the difference?

3. Fees should be commensurate with value, but few are charging correctly.  I covered much of this last month, but will bring out some key concepts this week that pertain to advisers.

ALSO:  I just have 5 seats left in the January Virtual Training: Making Money with Security.  There are 19 confirmed attendees coming in from all parts of the world.  Don’t miss this!  It’s a game changer for 2011 and central to the strategy needed to grow in this market.

Find out more and register here:

P.S. – I had some great NY Pizza last night at 36th and Broadway!

© 2010, David Stelzl


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