Making Money with Security – Online

There are only 8 seats left in my January Virtual Workshop – don’t miss this!

We’ll be covering the materials from my most popular workshop, Making Money with Security….all through an Interactive Webex format…

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1. Security provides the most effective means of attracting executive level clients and the primary means of creating new business.

2. Security trends are changing, and while the economy is still not great, security providers who understand these concepts are still growing at rates of 50%, 100%, and greater – I’ll have specific examples of this and how they do it!

3. Urgency is key in a slow economy, and every company has urgent issues – I’ll put you in the center of this!

4. Armed with the right message, focused on the most urgent issues, and equipped to create justification, you’re opportunity for success is much higher in 2011.

5. Creating justification is an essential part of the sales process…there is a prescription for doing this.

6. Assessments are profitable, central to developing larger profit rich projects, and recurring revenue.  We’ll dive into this in a way that will get you headed in the right direction.

You get the idea.  Your 2011 approach will be strengthened, your confidence will greatly increase as you approach executives, and you’ll have solid justification for getting new/larger budgets approved.  I recommend this for anyone serious about selling or marketing in the high-tech space this coming year.

[For more info and registration – click here]

© 2010, David Stelzl


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