Who are the Decision Makers?

I call decision makers, Asset Owners.  They make decisions because they manage assets, and as asset managers or owners, they are liable.  Some distinctions from yesterday’s post may help guide our thinking on the next sales opportunity:

1. Asset owners are building a business, IT is building an empire.  Ask the IT person if they want to save money.  Perhaps they’ll say yes.  Then show them how you can replace their entire team with managed services and see what they say.

2. Asset owners are managing risk, IT is maintaining boxes.

3. Asset owners are held responsible for the security of their company’s secrets, IT can simply claim they are doing the best with what they have.

4. When an asset owner’s data is compromised, customer’s blame them, not IT.

5. If something really bad happens…the asset owner may be out of a million dollar job, their picture on the front page, and pending lawsuits.  The IT person will have updated their resume with newly found security knowledge,  tout actual forensics experience, and demand a 20% raise at the company across the street.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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