Award Winning Proposals

Who has time to read proposal?  Not me.  When was the last time you read through a thirty page contract, or even a five page letter from your bank or insurance company?

Join me this Friday at 11:30 EDT (Virtually) to hear more: (CLICK)

Most proposals are just like these letters – junk mail of a sort.  It’s your bank, but still, you don’t read the letter.  You know it’s boiler plate mail with mostly filler, so you skim through it to find what you need, or you set it on your desk hoping to get to it.  I guess it just depends on your personality.  I generally shred it having realized long ago, I will never get to that pile on the corner of my desk.

I’ve been writing about presentations recently, but this Friday I will be speaking about proposals (virtually).  Join me for this informative and much needed hour on what to write, when to write it, who to write to, and how to make this important, but misused document more meaningful and more likely to be read…executed on.  My personal proposal signature rate is about 85%, maybe 90…the average from classes I teach measures about 20%.  Let me show you the difference this Friday at 11:30 EDT.

Sign up here (CLICK)

© 2010, David Stelzl


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