Controversy gives the presentation power

Love him or hate him – you’re forced to make a choice.  Even the bad press gives the seller pictured here more fame and reputation.  He wins from both sides.  Remember what Seth Godin says, “Obscurity is your biggest enemy.”

When you present the obvious,  lack any differentiating opinions, and look to please everyone, you end up standing in a crowd among millions.  You are not a leader, you stand for nothing, and you bring no value.  All you can do is represent another choice but not one that stands out.  Perhaps you’ll win on price if you are a large reseller with big discounts, but your life is limited.  Eventually Dell or CDW will pass you with with an online sale.  In their world, the high-involvement salesperson is not needed.

So look again at your presentation!  Is it interesting? If not, change it…this is the hardest part of selling.  Once your message is great, begin working it, make it perfect, and learn to deliver it with confidence.  This has made the man pictured above one of the most well known figures in American radio; like him or not.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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