Does Your Presentation Interrupt Management?

Interruptions are needed!  People go to sleep when you present the obvious.  Take a look at the presentations you are using for executive meetings/company introductions…are you stating the obvious?  I see marketing departments putting out fancy slides that say things like:

The Internet is bcoming more important to business

More people are using wireless computing

Mobility is growing and people are using smart phones


Your presentation needs something new – a new point of view.  Something that makes the executive say, “What are we doing about this…how did we miss this?”  Only then can you expect them to tune in, want more, and promote you to the adviser status you’ve been looking for.  Don’t expect this to just happen – it takes you, pouring over your content, and looking for a new angel.  Wait on your marketing department to think of this and you’ll be waiting for a long time (unless your marketing department is way ahead of the pack.)


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