Customers want it now!

We want it now!  Why do companies still make us wait?  With the Internet in place, most things can be purchased any time of day and overnighted.  There is no waiting anymore, and that is what people have come to expect.  But this morning didn’t turn out that way.  First, I was surprised to find out that my Concealed Handgun permit is on the verge of expiring…this happens every 5 years, but why doesn’t the sheriff’s department automatically notify the card holder?  With today’s automation and the given tax rates, you would think this would be standard.  If the card lapses, you’re starting the process over (which means taking a class, taking a test, and paying a higher fee).  This is not customer focused!  (Thank you very much Union Country Sheriff”s department.

So luckily I happened to be flipping through some cards in my wallet and noticed the expiration is next month.  So I called – and actually got through.  The papers are easy to fill out (however you need a notary), no finger printing required on a renewal, but can you just mail the papers in?  No, you have to drive an hour to the next town, pay in cash, and then wait…not a few days, but up to three months!  Three months to process some papers?  What’s that all about?  Is this done locally or do they outsource this to India?

My final question was, “Will you then send me my card?”  You already know the answer.  No! You can simply drive all the way out here when we call you.  In the mean time your current permit will have expired so you can’t use it until you get the new card.

In  government we don’t really have a choice unless we want to move.  In business (expect when speaking of the airlines and phone company) we do have a choice.  How easy is it to do business with your company?  Are you monitoring your online reputation?  I’m sure the Union County Sheriff’s department doesn’t care, and I’ve never hear from US Airways, even though I complain about them online almost weekly, but for everyone else, this is a must.

Note: I am  sure some people won’t like the fact that I have firearms in the house…last time the police responded to our alarm it took 20 minutes to get here.  You do the math.

© 2010, David Stelzl


4 thoughts on “Customers want it now!

  1. I agree with you the Sheriff’s department should send you a notice that your permit is expiring. If someone’s permit expires and doesn’t know then that could be a big problem for both you and law enforcement. They should send this notice regarding your Concealed Handgun permit out at least 6 months in advance. They should put in the notice that the process takes 3 months. I see no problem with taking 3 months for the process, and the fact that it must be done in person not via mail. I would be concerned for public safety if the process took a few hours and could be done via mail. People’s personalities and mental states can change a lot in 5 years.

    1. Thanks for the thought provoking comment – if they actually did something while I was dropping off the paper work that might mean something. The fact is, they don’t. Three months – again, if they were actually checking something, that might be worth looking at, but in this case, they are not. It’s a renewal – but it has a low priority. I agree, lead time is the key. Waiting three months would fine if we knew four months in advance. At least we can still get the permit!

  2. I find it incredible that they don’t send you a notice that the permit is expiring. My brother-in law is a retired San Francisco Deputy Chief of Police. I will ask him about this next time I see him, probably Thanksgiving.


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