Bangalore – Day 17

We completed our 2nd day of workshops here in Bangalore on Tuesday…and even ordered pizza for lunch.  The pizza to the left was dinner one night, lunch came from Domino’s!  Taking a pole we determined that 50% of the Indian population is vegetarian (using a sample size of 25).  This pizza was actually very good – similar to a wood-fired pizza in the states and a big improvement over the Singapore pizza.

India has certainly been a treat in terms of customer service.  The hotel staff is excellent and go out of their way to greet me and serve me. When I order or request something they always commit to a time.  If I call for a bottle of water, they say “You will have it in less than 5 minutes Mr. David Stelzl.”  If I order dinner it’s 25 minutes and it’s always on time.  There is a red button in the room in case I just want to call the bellman, and when room service is delivered they make sure I like the way everything looks before leaving.

My driver for the week is Ashok.  Having a great driver in Bangalore makes the trip much easier.  He shows up on time each morning, and is waiting out front in the afternoon.  As we weave through the crazy overcrowded streets of Bangalore, he is careful, friendly, patient, and attentive.  Well worth hiring a driver over the local cab service.  He even offered to drive several of my class attendees to a nearby hotel on the way back yesterday, at no extra charge.  Of course we compensated him with additional tip money.

Tomorrow we will conclude our training sessions here in India, and I’ll be traveling back to the states Via Germany.  One interesting note – I purposely routed my flight through Boston rather than flying directly into Charlotte from Germany, to avoid traveling overseas on USAirways.  If you’ve traveled overseas from Charlotte you might already know why.  Enough said.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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