Bangalore – Day 16; Making Money with Security

The other side of Bangalore is more modern.  I didn’t actually get to the downtown business district, however the picture to the left is taken looking up in the lobby of Cisco Systems Bangalore.  They also have a newer campus about an hour from this location which I understand is quite impressive.

A few pictures from the roof top: (CLICK)

The business climate is excellent as reported by the class.  I have attendees from all of the major Indian cities as well as a new friend from Sri Lanka.  It seems like security needs are growing rapidly all over the world.  The Indian Times reported this week that cybercrime is the number one threat to people in this company despite the acts of terrorism reported just this week in New Delhi.  In our class today we spent time on trends in cybercrime, the need to change the message to a more concrete, urgency message, and discovered ways to grab the attention of a complacent population of managers and business leaders.  The message must be urgent, simple, concrete, and credible.  Using techie language is sure to get a demotion back to IT.

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