Bangalore – Day 15; Sunday

Sunday I had hoped to do some more site seeing by foot.  I ended up taking more photos in the hotel gardens (CLICK)

First, it was hard getting out of the hotel.  The picture to the left is what the road looks like in front of my hotel – MG road is under construction making it difficult to get through, although it is possible.  Once through, I found that three wheeled taxi drivers where pulling over every 50 feet or so to stop me.  They wanted to take me somewhere.  Seeing I am a visitor, they wanted my fare and I’m sure my tip as well.  So they would pull over and begin walking beside me telling me where to go.  I kept saying, I am just out for a walk, but they would not listen, they just kept pressuring me to go with them.  Finally I gave up and headed back to my “compound.”  Aside from that, it was a restful day as I prepare for three days of workshops in India.  We’ll be repeating the programs recently delivered in Australia and Singapore.

Note: I did have the Pepperoni Pizza last night.  Bangalore pizza, at least at the Oberoi is pretty good.  Big improvement over the Singapore pizza experience, but still not like NY.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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