Singapore – Day 13; Heading out

Changi airport is amazing with it’s gardens, shopping, and best of all security…you march right through customs without the hassle of scanners, undressing, laptops on belts, etc.

Preparing for India, I spent my last morning here catching up with class attendees and following up on LinkedIn connections.  This is an important part of sales – one I’ve often overlooked out of sheer busyness.  When you’ve completed a meeting or presentation, be diligent to enter new contacts into your CRM, but take the extra step of connecting through LinkedIn…if you completed a project, as I have this week, it’s also important to request recommendations through LinkedIn while your delivery is on the minds of the customers you’ve worked with.  LinkedIn has tremendous power as over 40 million business people are on it, and every one of your connections is receiving your updates.  Keep your name in front of those you work with, and be sure to keep tabs on where people go.  As people move around in this industry, they’ll create more opportunities for you if you maintain a solid reputation.  Don’t allow yourself to skip this step – your future depends on it.

This evening I am sitting in the Changi airport preparing to catch my flight to Bangalore.  For some reason India flights all arrive late in the evening…the good news is, I have arranged a ride through the hotel to avoid the taxi mess I’ve read and heard about.  One person recommended I bring my own water, but that just didn’t seem possible.  Stay tuned for pictures of India over the weekend!

© 2010, David Stelzl


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