Singapore – Day 11; Mastering Board Room Presentations

I finally had Singapore pizza!  This is not the actual pizza I ate, and if you know me, you know vegetables are an abomination to great pizza (in my list of acceptable foods).  I had a picture but ran into some technical difficulties, so I simply did a Google search on frozen pizza to find something that looked like my pizza experience.  As you can tell, it’s nothing to write home about.  Stick to the local Asian food and you’ll be in good shape here – but I did have to have pizza once just to say I did.

We did complete our three day workshop, the last day being on presentation skills.  One attendee asked a very important question following several in-class presentations which I’ll answer right here.  “Can we communicate the message in a short ten minute presentation?”  I then demonstrated such as speed in under 5…to which he asked, how long did it take for you to be able to communicate our message so effectively…in other words, how many times did you have to give the speech.  I replied, “Hundreds”.   That is the key – practice, record, listen, critique, improve, practice, record,…etc.  Only a hand full of sales people will give great presentations without practice.

A few key points from the class:

1. Most of the presentations I see sales people give are boring.  Why?  They haven’t put time into writing great material.

2. Presentations can’t deliver the obvious.  Most do…come up with something new and opinionated.  Something that gives me fresh ideas.

3. Interrupt my thinking.  If it’s predictable from slide to slide, you will lose me.

© 2010, David Stelzl


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