Singapore – Day 9; Making Money with Security

We kicked off day 1 – the Making Money with Security workshop on Monday morning after a busy weekend of sight seeing.  One challenge that always comes up – can a sales rep or overlay rep conduct some type of discovery or assessment, or is this too time consuming?  It’s tempting to think that it would just be faster to take a traditional sales approach and sell the features…if someone hands you the money for product, go ahead and take it.  If you’re over quota and deals just keep coming in, go for it!  But with new prospects that are not standing there with PO in hand, justification will be required and a typical sales cycle may last for many months; 3 – 6 – 9…the assessment approach may last a few weeks if you find something urgent.

Following class, our good friends the Tan family treated me to a river boat tour, dinner at local “hawker center” (which is like an outdoor food court with all kinds of local food stands) in the downtown China town district.  Here are some of the pictures… (CLICK)


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